Hey you? How are you today? Are you smiling? If not- SMILE ,life is BEAUTIFUL.

First thank you for checking out my he(ART),

So you may be wondering how everything started?


As a kid I remember myself waiting for my mom leaving the house and immediately heading to the closet just to try all of her new clothes on, some velvet, pearls, dress, shoes and more.

As I grew up FASHION become one of the biggest part of my LIFE. I started to take my skills and create with that a whole new world and STYLING become my job. Magazines, Covers, tv shows, fashion shows, fashion week, and more became a large part of my life.

After a few years I felt the need to be the one that's CREATE. I wanted to TOUCH the garment, make the shape, the color, and more. Suddenly my mind and hands become best friends and I started to create, this is LA DONSK let the MAGIC happen.